We generally limit our help to those living within parish boundaries, but, in the spirit of St.Vincent, we also try to assist those outside our boundaries who live in areas lacking conferences.

Even in our community, there is no shortage of people in need. We serve parishioneers, our local community, and assist in providing services to other communities in need throughout the East Valley.

We offer short term assistance to people with emergency needs. Our primary function is to provide emergency food to the poor, displaced, and others in dire straits.

Often we are able to help with emergency money for utilities and rent, especially to keep a family housed rather than be forced onto the streets.

Most importantly, when we make our home visits we provide a few moments of kindness, listening, sharing and prayer.

Call to Service

While we have taken many calls and made many visits there is more to do. We need more people to help with home visits and we need more money to help with rent, utilities, clothes and basic necessities of life. Feel like helping? See how you can help through volunteering or donating.

Those We Serve Are Jesus

Service Stories
We are continually touched by the stories of the people who we serve. Recently we had an opportunity...