$800 AZ Tax Credit

Making a donation to the St. Timothy SVdP Conference this tax season is an easy and great way to help us help the poor. The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Program for the Working Poor (Form 321) lets you contribute to SVdP and receive a tax credit.

Contributions up to $800 may earn a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on Arizona income tax, which means your total tax bill can be reduced by this amount. In addition, your donation qualifies as a charitable deduction on your federal return if you itemize.

By giving to the St. Timothy SVdP Conference, your donations stay in the St. Timothy community and help those who need assistance in the East Valley. Your $800 donation can provide:

  • Help with rent and basic utilities to keep a family housed rather than be forced onto the streets.
  • Assistance to people with emergency needs.
  • Emergency food to the poor, displaced, and others in dire straits.
  • And so much more!

Click to download the donation letter
The donation letter provides instructions and includes a section for you to fill out and return along with your donation.

Donate through Credit Card (PayPal)
Click the Donate button to go to our donation site through PayPal. Once there, enter a Donation amount and then either click the Log In button or enter your credit card information.

Mail To

St. Timothy Catholic Community
SVdP Conference
1730 W. Guadalupe Road
Mesa, Arizona 85202

About the Program

The Arizona Department of Revenue publishes information online about Contributions to Qualifying Charitable Organizations.

How does this tax credit affect the tax credits for private school tuition, public school extra-curricular activities, and foster care?

You can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for giving to all four! The working poor tax credit is different from the other tax credits. Thus, you can donate up to $800 for the working poor, up to $1,092 (or more in some cases) for private school tuition, $400 for public school extra-curricular activities, and $1,000 for foster care.

What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?

A tax deduction is an expense that reduces taxable income, which is the number upon which your tax liability is calculated. A tax credit, on the other hand, is applied to reduce your tax liability dollar-for-dollar. In other words, a tax credit comes right off the top of your state tax bill, lowering the amount of money you will pay.

Do I have to give $800 to get the tax credit?

You may receive an Arizona state tax credit of up to $800 if you are married and filing jointly or $400 if you are married and filing separately or a single taxpayer or head of household. If you give $100, you will be eligible for a tax credit of $100. If you give $900, you will be eligible for up to a $800 tax credit, depending on your tax liability and filing status, as well as a tax deduction for any amount you donate over the tax credit limit. Of course, your entire contribution is also eligible as a tax deduction on your federal tax return.